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Thousand Dollar Shoes

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Track put together with the awesome Atrip!


If you saw me on the sidewalk, maybe
On the street one day
Would you stop and make small talk with me
Or would you walk away
I see your picture in the papers
You're wearing thousand dollar shoes
And I remember when you and me
Had nothing in the world to lose

I feel bad about the way we parted
And I'm glad you got the things you wanted
Wearing Thousand Dollar Shoes

I remember the time we spent in Paris
Staying in a cheap hotel
I guess it was the noise of the traffic
Meant we didn't get to sleep so well
I see you in the magazines
Your cocktail dress and your pearls
And I remember when you and me
Were together against the world

One night, before we separated
I said the wrong name in bed
I guess, you just pretended
You hadn't heard what I said
I see you smiling,
With your friends in their Ascot hats
And I wonder, what you're really thinking
'Cause you didn't use to be like that ...