Postindustrial POETS

Indie vibes...blues vibes...good vibes...

Indie rockers operating from Luxembourg, Paris and London who have listened to British bands and blues and soul too. 

A band that loves guitars and works at the words. Not afraid to let it rip or to slow it down either!


New Releases!

The last release - Still A Stranger Here - has done pretty well, especially on Apple. So we have taken the advice offered by a few friends and experts, and released an EP in a similar vein. The EP is called Woke Up This Morning With Those Postindustrial Blues - and all six tracks are blues influenced. 

The opening track is Still A Stranger Here - a moody track that Cyanite identified as combining Blues, Deep Blues and Early Soul. Thanks, Cyanite!

Track two is a re-recorded version of It Happens All the Time. It hits harder than the original. 

All the tracks are in a blues vein, and we would love it if you could add them to a playlist, drop a heart on them, or share with a friend. If you have a radio show, given them a play! Here is the link to the EP on Spotify. And here is the link to the EP on all platforms

If blues influences aren't your thing, then maybe you want to try the upcoming Pete Poet solo releases. The first, to get the ball rolling, is a smooth version of Don't Say It's Over. This is the link to the pre-save. After that will come a completely new song, with an Indie pop vibe. 

And Pete is working on a series of new tracks - which might turn into Postindustrial Poets tracks, solo tracks, or something else, They certainly have a different vibe! 

There is some more background to the latest EP over on the Cooltop20 blog.


Still A Stranger Here features on the new EP, Woke up this morning with those postindustrial blues.

Looks like we hit a few Apple Music streaming charts!

Latest News

Don't Say It's Over - September 2023 release Still growing…

Postinduustrial Poets' Don't Say It's Over is a grooving rocker, some people have mentioned R.E.M., others the eternal sound of student discos. Someone just called it the sound of the night, which sounds great!

CoolTop20 first chose it as a bonus track, and then decided to have it in the main chart! Daniel Tidwell chose it for The Finds. And it had more radio play than any other Postindustrial Poets' track. So a great start - but, y'know - don't say it's over! Spotify never had the sense to add it to an editorial playlist, but they did start adding it to Discover Weekly…


Don't let it stop there! Add it to a few playlists, recommend it to a couple of friends, use it on the soundtrack of your next movie! 

There's more information in this CoolTop20 article. And you can hear the track on all platforms here